The EMIRATES CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION is the only non-profit membership service organization representing the chiropractic profession in The United Arab Emirates.

About The Emirates Chiropractic Association

The ECA is a member of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Chiropractic Federation which is part of the World Federation of Chiropractic. The members of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) are 90 national associations of chiropractors in 89 nations. The WFC represents them and the chiropractic profession in the international community

The ECA is the largest chiropractic association in the GCC & Middle East Regions

The Emirates Chiropractic Association is fully licensed as an association through the Dubai Association Center which is a part of the Dubai Chamber. We were one of the first members in 2016 and are well respected & regarded with a high participation record. We were formed with our own merit within the UAE.

The Dubai Association Centre (DAC) was established by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dubai Business Events (part of Department for Tourism and Commerce Marketing) and the Dubai World Trade Centre, to offer assistance for the establishment of non-profit, apolitical and nonreligious professional associations and trade bodies in the Emirate of Dubai. Many other medical associations and health care related fields have joined us at DAC and we have formed a true network of associations within the GCC area.

The ECA's Mission Statement:

“It is the mission of the Emirates Chiropractic Association to defend, protect, and advance chiropractic in the United Arab Emirates. The purpose of ECA is to enable every citizen, resident, or visitor in the UAE to have knowledge of chiropractic and full access to care by chiropractic practitioners of unquestionable standing, ability, and integrity.”

History Of The Emirates Chiropractic Association:

In 2008, Dr. Travis Mitchell had the idea to start a Chiropractic Association in the UAE. He sent out invitations to the chiropractors in the nation to aid him in his endeavor. Seven chiropractors met in Central Perk to discuss the establishment and bylaws of the organization. These chiropractors were Dr. Travis Mitchell, Dr. Mohamad Raslan, Dr. Tareq Tawil, Dr. Gary Fitzgerald, Dr. Ahmed Dassouki, Dr. Ahmed Fares, and Dr. Salim Khamissa. It was Dr. Gary who came up with the name the Emirates Chiropractic Association (ECA).

The ECA was then established and registered under the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and the Middle Eastern Chiropractic Federation (EMMECF). Today the Emirates Chiropractic Association is a legal entity in the UAE. Gradually, the ECA has grown from its founding 7 chiropractors, to now almost 50 register members and it continues to grow.

Past Presidents

  • Dr. Travis Mitchell.
  • Dr. Charles Jones.
  • Dr. Pamela Leader.
  • Dr. Mohamad Raslan.
  • Dr. Vanda Corbett.
  • Dr. Gerald “Gerry” Nastasia

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Meet our Executive Board.

President's Message

about-me-image1 (1)

“Our Unity= Our Strength”

More than just mere words, this motto was chosen by our Immediate Past President, Dr Gerry Nastasia, to serve as a reminder to our present & future members that the Emirates Chiropractic Association was founded to inspire our doctors practicing within the United Arab Emirates to work towards the greater good for our profession within this country. An united voice and course of action on behalf of chiropractic within the UAE is in the best interests of the chiropractic within the UAE.

It is my sincere hope and desire for the actions of this Association to serve an as an example for the chiropractic profession throughout the region.


Dr. Nageena Akhtar 

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