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Message from the President

A message from Dr Nageena Akhtar, president of the ECA:

United in purpose, we stand together with members from across the world and all walks of life.

It is my sincere hope that we as health professionals continue to make lasting and positive change through our dedication and skill.

I am optimistic that we will promote our profession sufficiently and believe we can become a leading healthcare service within the UAE and indeed, in the wider region.

It is our mission to improve and better the health of those that we serve.
We are all responsible in upholding and maintaining a set of rigorous standards for practicing, operating and licensing of our chiropractic profession.

These measures will ensure that our patients receive the most professional and ethical services they rightfully deserve.

We cannot do this alone. This task requires a shared ethos and commitment; I quote my predecessor and current Immediate Past President, Dr Gerry Nastasia in our Motto-

‘Our unity = Our strength’.

This remains an absolute truth- and only through collaborative efforts can we reach tangible progress.

I remain committed to this cause and, as always, my office remains available for any and all questions to queries.

Yours in health,
Dr. Nageena

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