Dr. Abdel-Rahman Djarraya


Dr. Abdel-Rahman graduated Magna Cum Laude with distinction in 2009 from New York Chiropractic College. He is a member of the Phi Chi Omega Chiropractic Honor Society as well as the recipient of the Distinguished Service in Basic Sciences Award.

Dr. Abdel-Rahman has extensive training in spinal decompression therapy, Impulse Instrumentation, Thompson technique, extremity adjustments, myofascial release, and spinal orthotics. He takes great joy in alleviating or diminishing his patients’ pain and strives to care for them the same way he cares for his family. His mission is to have his patients achieve their fullest health and wellness potential through chiropractic care and education.

Dr. Adlene Ghabri


After receiving his Doctor degree of Chiropractic Medicine from Life University, College of Chiropractic, Georgia, USA in 2010, Dr. Adlene Ghabri joined multiple facilities as an associate doctor where he helped thousands of people live a better life free of pain full of movement. From 2015 Dr.Ghabri started his own practice to serve the people of Lansing, Michigan for 4 years.

Dr Adlene is a board certified doctor of chiropractic. He is certified in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization ( IASTM), Myofascial Cupping Practitioner Certification from the Rocktape institute, certified in Dry Needling as evidence based approach from the Dry Needling Institute American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. Also, Dr Adlene is certified as Kinesiology Taping Practitioner from the Rocktape Institute.

Dr. Ahmed Fares


Dr. Ahmed Fares uses his knowledge and experience to educate his patients and provide quality chiropractic care to the Dubai community.

Dr. Alexander Konovalov


Alex graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2004, after that he went back to his home town of Tiraspol, Moldova, where he founded Moldova National Chiropractic association and introduced chiropractic to his home country in a local multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic. After that, Alex was invited to join a much bigger hospital of St. Elizabeth in St. Petersburg, Russia. Two years later, he relocated to Madrid, Spain, where he continued his professional development with ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) receiving Webster Certification, FNOR Certification and Carrick Institute, served on the Board of Directors of the Spanish Chiropractic Association (AEQ), working towards the official recognition of Chiropractic in Spain.

Dr. Alexandra Zashtitin


Alex completed her Bachelors in Human Sciences (Hons) and her Masters in Chiropractic at the world renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in the UK. Before graduating as a chiropractor Alex was based in central London working as a sports massage therapist for 7 years in chiropractic clinics in Notting Hill and Mayfair.

Alex is especially knowledgable in the treatment and rehabilitation of upper and lower limb injuries including shoulders, jaws (TMJ), ankles, knees, hips elbows etc. She has completed several extra-curricular seminars in this field under the CCEP (Certified Chiropractor Extremity Practitioner) programme. Alex is also certified in dry needling and has attended seminars in advanced paediatrics.

Dr. Aradhna Juneja


I came from London in the UK and currently practising in Dubai.For 17 years now, I have been developing specific treatment methods for helping UAE residents overcome chronic back pain, neck pain, and spinal disc conditions, where in a very short amount of time, you could become pain free.

Dr. Ayhem Sabry


Dr. Ayhem Sabry is an American chiropractor who was born in New York and grew up in various parts of the United States. His family finally settled in Birmingham, Alabama where he spent most of his younger years. Growing up in Alabama gave Dr. Ayhem all the precursors he would need to lead him to the chiropractic lifestyle. Dr. Ayhem found himself in a grounded small community filled with love and nurturing which allowed him to grow and learn. In high school Dr. Ayhem was well placed in advanced studies preparing him for his future career. He was very active within his high school’s extracurricular activities especially sports. Dr. Ayhem was a varsity letterman while in high school in football, wrestling and track and field. He graduated from high school in 1994 with honors and was awarded Homewood High School’s Student Athlete of the Year.

He soon began his college career at the University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in Pre-Medicine with a focus in biology and chemistry. While attending university Dr. Ayhem continued his athletic achievements by participating on the varsity track and field team as a 400m sprinter helping to set many university records and assisting the 4x400m team take 3rd place in the Conference USA championships in 1996. Also Dr. Ayhem played for the university’s football team as a running back. As one of the few dual varsity athletes on campus Dr. Ayhem found himself in a unique position to train and learn from many great collegiate coaches which helped to shape his philosophy of health and life.

Dr. Emily Johnson


Dr. Emily is a graduate of the National University in Illinois, USA. She enjoys treating athletes, new and expectant mothers, children and infants, i.e.: the whole family.
She has experience educating families and athletes in the USA, Saudi Arabia and Egypt about healthy lifestyle, greater athletic potential and fitness, as well as general wellness.

Dr. Emily is a mother of 2 and has noticed the benefits that her own children receive with regular chiropractic treatments. She decided to become a Chiropractor after noticing her own improvements as an athlete when under chiropractic care as well as positive improvements of family and friends after suffering injury or illness.

Dr. Farah Samji


After receiving her Bachelors in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, Dr. Farah Samji then gained a Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. She has also attained a Masters Degree in Health Sciences from the University of Toronto, and the designation of Certified Health Executive from the Canadian College of Health Service Executives.

Dr. Farah’s approach has been shaped by 33 years of experience in the healthcare field working with different experts and patients ranging from infants to geriatrics in their 90’s in her centres both in Toronto, Canada and Dubai. Dr. Farah has worked as a rehabilitation specialist for people with mental illness and injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents and job-related injuries. Most notably she has worked with the Physician for the Toronto Blue Baseball team to provide therapy for various sports-related injuries and worked with the Canadian Government to develop policies and procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of Osteoporosis

Dr. Gary Deautchmann


Dr. Deutchman has been in private practice since 1986. He was Schroth Certified in 2009 and now oversees Schroth Therapy in the NYC office. Together with our Schroth Trained Physical Therapists we offer comprehensive scoliosis care for adults and children.

Dr. Deutchman is a provider for the Nationally recognized Scoli-Fit (TM) program for the management of Scoliosis. He continues to be instrumental in developing non-surgical adult Scoliosis protocols utilizing postural reeducation techniques and the Spinecor brace. His ability to problem solve and his unmatched experience with difficult cases, makes Dr. Deutchman one of the World’s experts in alternative Scoliosis treatment for both children and adults.

Dr. Gary Fitzgerald


Dr. Gary Fitzgerald wanted to be a chiropractor from the age of eight.

He began his studies in his home country with a BSc from University College Dublin in Ireland. After this he enrolled in Europe’s oldest and most respected chiropractic school (Anglo European College of Chiropractic), where after a further 5 years of university study he graduated with a BSc in Chiropractic (with 1st class honours) and also a MSc in Chiropractic Sciences.

During his time in chiropractic school his thesis on how the birth process affects children was both published and presented at the World Federation of Chiropractic Symposium. In addition to this, he graduated with the Flavio Grillo prize for the most clinically competent intern in his graduating class.

Dr. Gerry Nastasia


Dr. Gerald “Gerry” Nastasia, Jr. is a 1990 cum laude graduate of Logan University’s College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO in the USA. He has licenses to practice in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, & Dubai.

Dr. Gerry has been in practice for over thirty years. He has practiced in solo, group, multidisciplinary, and academic settings. Dr. Gerry has completed extensive postdoctoral training in chiropractic orthopedics. He is board certified as a Diplomate of American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists and a Fellow of the International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. He is been proficiency rated in Cox Technique and certified in spinal decompression & impairment ratings.

In 2018, Dr Gerry was one of the first chiropractic doctors to complete an unique kind program to be certified as a Primary Spine Practitioner (PSP) by the prestigious University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, USA.
A PSP is a point of first contact for people who have spine-related disorders. The PSP’s skills include the means to care for the majority of spinal complaints in their office, and the knowledge to appropriately coordinate services from the vast array of other providers who might help the patients. In this way, the PSP acts as the “quarterback” for a team of providers ensuring the best outcomes for each patient.

Dr. Gerry’s first eighteen years of his professional practice was spent in the USA. He has also practiced in the countries of Bermuda and the United Arab Emirates. Having treated thousands of patients throughout his long career, Dr Gerry focus is on toddlers through seniors.

Dr. Giovanni Bisanti


Dr. Bisanti was born in Milan Italy. As a young man, he emigrated to the U.S. where his passion for sports and fitness grew. He started competing in weightlifting events such as powerlifting and arm wrestling, winning many competitions. It was through this passion that he came to know chiropractic. He moved to California where he attended and subsequently graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1987 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. In 1989, he discovered his love for neurology and went on to become a Chiropractic Neurologist after completing a 315 hour certification course from the world renowned Carrick Institute. Dr. Bisanti completed yet another intensive certification course with the Carrick Institute in Functional Neurology and continues today with the study of childhood developmental disorders from the International Association of Functional Neurologist and Rehabilitation ( IAFNR ) by noted author and lecturer Dr. Robert Melillo. Dr. Bisanti has been practicing for 30 years both in the USA and in Italy and his patients range from newborns to senior citizens. Also specialized in sports injuries, he has treated members of the U.S. National Football League or NFL, professional ballerinas from La Scala Milan and the Boston Ballet , professional Italian motorsport and volleyball team players, and was the official chiropractor for the Italian Olympic Row team that participated in the 2012 Summer Olympics. He is a board member of the Comitato Nazionale di Chiropratica Sportiva (CICS) recognized by the Federation Internazionale di Chiropratica Sportiva (FICS) and a member of the Associazione italiana Chiropratica (AIC). Dr. Bisanti has come to Dubai to provide his special blend of chiropractic and functional neurology expertise and experience. By doing so, he hopes to help those that may not have responded to traditional treatment and therapies so that they may achieve optimal function. Dr. Bisanti, understanding the nervous system is plastic, utilizes chiropractic and many other techniques to stimulate the nervous system for improved function resulting in a healthier you.

Dr. Haleema Khan


Haleema Khan graduated from the Anglo European college of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, UK, in 2010 with a Masters in Chiropractic. She spent three and half years practicing along the South coast of England, before returning to her birth city of London where she worked for a further year and a half. Becoming tired of the hustle and bustle of the London life she decided to move to the UAE.

From a young age, Khan has always been conscious of her health and leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She loves to play netball, currently improving her beach volleyball skills and when she can works out in the gym.

Growing up in a traditional family, Khan has always been a hands on person, from massaging to traditional walking on backs. Realising the benefits of natural alternatives to mainstream medicine is what led her to Chiropractic.

Dr. Hassan Zaid


Hassan completed his Masters in Chiropractic at the world renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 2009. He is also a fully qualified CCEP (Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner) and is especially knowledgeable in the treatment and rehabilitation of upper and lower limb injuries including feet, ankles, knees elbows, shoulders and even the TMJ (Jaw). He worked in central London in Notting Hill and Mayfair for the first eight years of his career where he also taught seminars to personal trainers.

Hassan is highly experienced in the treatment and management of elite athletes from many different sports including powerlifting, crossfit, athletics and many more. He has worked with numerous Olympic athletes, not only helping with treatment and rehabilitation but often playing a key role in their programming and strength training. Hassan was the chiropractor for the German national and Olympic track team, working primarily with 100/200m sprinters and 110m hurdle runners among others.

Dr Holly Nolan


Since graduating from the world renowned Anglo European College of Chiropractic with a Bachelor in Human Sciences (BSc) and a Master in Chiropractic (MSc), Holly has been working in London where she also grew up. She thoroughly enjoys working with patients of all ages particularly when the patient is keen to learn how to help themselves in order to stay in good health.

While studying as an intern, Holly participated alongside midwives in the baby feeding clinic at the AECC as well as in one of Bournemouth’s local rugby teams. She gained huge experience in treating both pregnant ladies and new-born babies so that they could breastfeed more effectively, as well as treating athlete’s with various sporting injuries. Holly advocates incorporating exercise therapy alongside chiropractic treatment, as she believes this is one of the most effective ways to prevent future injury. She also undergoes regular treatment herself so that she can maintain a good level of fitness and agility.

Dr. James Boyle


James graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic and has practiced in the UK and Dubai for over 8 years. As much as he enjoyed practicing in London, he found his scope of practice limited to standard back pain, so when the opportunity arose in Dubai, in an integrated medical setting, he jumped on the opportunity to work with different therapists and expand his knowledge and skill set. The diversity of clinics he has worked at, subjected him to different types of patients from pregnancy care, children, geriatrics and the sports population.

James has extensive training in fields such as dry needling, myofascial release and stretching, corrective exercises from functional movement to isolated muscle rehab and his specialty of yoga, which he teaches and practices. His mobilization and spinal corrective techniques can be specifically adapted to the patient’s body type and pain management requirement. Using a variety of joint and soft tissue techniques to suit your needs, he will relieve the pain and discomfort of your condition and teach you preventative measures to avoid the recurrence of injury.

Dr. Jena Barnawi


Dr. Jena Barnawi earned her Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, USA, after receiving a BSc in Biology with a concentration in pre-medicine at Xavier University, USA. Dr. Jena is deeply committed to your well-being. She performs an array of treatments that focuses on your musculoskeletal conditions such as chronic pain occurring in your back, shoulder, neck, and spinal conditions. She also treats a variety of sports injuries and has a keen interest in the rehabilitation of runner. She holds a postgraduate education certificate in Webster’s Technique for prenatal care (pregnancy), Post-Surgical Spine Rehabilitation, and is currently in the process of obtaining a Chiropractic Sport Physician certification from American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians

Dr. Kirsten Evans


Dr. Kirsten Evans qualified as a Chiropractor in 2013 from the Durban University of Technology. Kirsten completed her Masters’ degree by researching the Chiropractic care of paediatrics.
She has also completed her training in Medical Bike Fitting using the ErgoFiT system and has a keen interest in cycling and running biomechanics.
Kirsten has been previously running her own practice out of a multidisciplinary medical centre in Durban, South Africa-Kingspark Sports Medicine Centre and has recently relocated to Dubai to join DISC.
Kirsten has a passion for endurance sports-cycling, triathlon and trail running. She represented Triathlon South Africa at the World Games in London in 2013 and has also completed 5 half distance Ironman’s, ultra marathons as well as a canoe marathon.
Her philosophy is “Movement is Medicine”.
Kirsten has an extensive knowledge in injuries involving cyclists, swimmers and runners as well as endurance and speed training. She has worked with athletes who have participated in the Olympic Games(swimmers and track athletes), Ironman, Comrades, Cape Epic, Canoeing and Surf Ski World Champs.

Dr. Kristian Frantzen


Kristian Frantzen was born and raised in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. After establishing a successful medical practice back home, the allure of adventure brought Kristian to Dubai. Kristian is a former professional rugby player, having competed at the varsity, national and international levels.

Kristian earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2014. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Victoria and is currently pursuing his Masters of Business Administration. He has provided chiropractic and medical support for the BC Lions Professional Football Team, multiple world class UFC, MMA, boxing, squash, Crossfit and tour car professional athletes, the Canada men’s National Field Hockey Team and the Canadian women’s National Volleyball Team.

Kristian has over 10 years of experience as a personal fitness trainer and has collaborated with the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) and the International Olympic Committee with respect to public health and wellness. When not in the office, Kristian can be found paddling around in the ocean, on the golf course or in the gym doing Crossfit, boxing, kick boxing or Brazilian jiu jitsu.


Dr. Lauren Boyd


Lauren studied at the Anglo European Chiropractic College where she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Human Sciences and a post graduate Masters in Chiropractic. She obtained a higher achievers scholarship for maintaining exam results in the top 15% of every year for five years. After graduating, Lauren spent many years working in Jersey, Channel Islands, helping to enhance the growth of a new Chiropractic Centre. She has since moved back to Dubai, where she grew up, to take the next steps of her journey as she has always dreamt of.

Lauren has experienced working with amateur and professional athletes, focusing on the longevity of the human body and its ability to perform at the highest level. Working with rugby players, formula one drivers or football players, Lauren has experience in many areas of performance.

Dr. Madelaine Franklin


Dr Madelaine Franklin obtained her Master’s Degree in Chiropractic at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. She is affiliated with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa and is registered with the Board of Health Funders, as well as the Dubai Health Authority. Madelaine is an active member of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa, Malaysia and Dubai. With over 10 years’ experience in her field, Dr Madelaine Franklin has extensive qualifications and certification in specialist fields that include techniques such as kinesiology taping techniques, impulse instrumentation adjusting techniques, dry needling, Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), mechanical spinal decompression specialist, unloader corrective knee bracing systems and custom foot balance orthotics.

Dr. Marius Coetzee


Dr Marius Coetzee obtained his Master’s Degree in Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. He is affiliated with multiple organizations, including The Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport , Chirosport, as well as the Dubai Health Authority. Dr Marius is an active member of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and Dubai.

During his studies he was involved as medical assistant to the Golden Lions Rugby Union junior teams as well as several other sport clubs and was invited to join the Golden Key International Honor society – an international NGO which recognizes academic excellence – upon completion of this study, limited to the top 15% of degree students from all disciplines.

Dr Marius has always had an interest in sport performance and sport related injuries, and therefor focused his Master’s Thesis research on improving sports performance in athletes using Chiropractic, which was acknowledged by the professional sporting community.

Dr. Mickael Malle


Born in Normandie, France, from the age of 19 until 26, Mickael devoted himself fully in the pursuit of professional cycling. He was a member of France National Road cycling team in the youth category and became a professional after obtaing his baccalaureate. Through this period of time he participated in international races around the world and was the champion in overall ranking of Madagascar and Mauritius tours.

As a professional cyclist, Mickael was particulary grateful for the support of his chiropractor throughout his practices and competitions. It spurred the interest and set him ambition towards being a chiropractor doctor. Thereafter, Mickael graduated from Franco European Institute of chiropractic (IFEC) in Paris.
Upon obtaining his diploma, he worked in France, in Vietnam (American Chiropractic Clinic) and Dubai serving athletes, children, adults and seniors.

Dr. Mitra Chini


Chini is a US board certified Chiropractor. She graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia (USA) in the year 2000. Prior to starting her chiropractic education, she studied at the Howard Community College in Maryland (USA) as an undergraduate.

Chini started gaining her professional experience in the US before moving to Europe with her husband. She then moved to Dubai in 2001 where she has been living for the past 14 years practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic, having treated and helped thousands of patients of all nationalities and ages, including children. Her language skills, including English, French, Farsi and some Arabic, ease her ability to listen, understand the patients’ pain and support their health and well-being.

Dr. Mohamad Yahia Raslan

DHA Committee, Chair

Sheikh Zayed International Award for TCAM-Chiropractic Scientific Committee, Chair

Dr. M.Y. Raslan’s specialty is Neurology and currently works as a Chiropractor. He completed his medical degree in 1995 & he pursued Doctor of Chiropractor degree in 2005. Awarded Honor certificate from the University of Aden Medical School (Yemen).

He has membership in Emirates Chiropractic Association, East Mediterranean Middle East Chiropractic Federation, World Federation of Chiropractic, National Arab American Medical Association, Yemeni Association of Physicians & he was President of Emirates Chiropractic Association in 2012 – 2014.

He attended interviews in Dubai TV, MBC TV, AlArabia Tv, Rotana TV, Dubai eye Radio, Abu Dhabi Radio, Mote Carlo International Radio (France),Fujairah Radio.

Dr. Nageena Akhtar


Dr Nageena discovered that specialist training, and a Masters level education, was the minimum requirement to become a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic.
Ever determined, she continued her studies and earned an unconditional offer to the prestigious Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC), UK.
Dr Nageena excelled in her education and graduated in 2006 with awards of ‘Best All-round Student’, along with the honorable ‘Students’ Student Award. She also was selected for the role of Head Delegate for the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) where she represented the AECC in RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Neda Nafei


DR. NEDA NAFEI , an American Iranian Chiropractor has studied and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in California and has been in practice in California since 1991 with clinical specialty in soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries from sports injuries, car accidents, industrial injuries and chronic conditions.

She has extensive training and advanced certifications in diagnosis, treatment and management of whiplash associated disorders and chronic conditions such as arthritis and rehabilitation management of chronic musculoskeletal.

DR. NEDA NAFEI has been in practice since 1991 with clinical specialty in soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries from sports injuries, car accidents, industrial injuries and chronic conditions. She has extensive training and advanced certifications in diagnosis, treatment and management of whiplash associated disorders and chronic conditions such as arthritis and rehabilitation management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions. She has provided expert testimonials in California courts in the areas of motor vehicle crash parameters, injury biomechanics, human factors, diagnosis and chiropractic management, prognosis and disability. Currently she is the consultant chiropractor for many fitness clubs and gyms and sports teams such as Rugby, Boxing, Sky Diving, and Football teams in Dubai conducting member’s spinal and postural assessments and lectures and helping the club and team members with any musculoskeletal injuries and questions

Dr. Nashila Jaffer


She gained her qualifications and training in 2001 in the UK, and after graduating with an honours degree in Chiropractic, founded Pure Chiropractic in West London. After establishing her clinic in the UK, Nashila moved to Dubai in 2009 and continued practicing privately in Jumeirah until starting a family in 2010 when she dedicated the next three years wholly to her two daughters. In 2013, Jaffer partnered with Chini to set up Pure European Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Centre, taking her success and inspiration from her UK clinic to build the same here in Dubai.

Dr. Pamela Leader

Finance Chair

Pamela Leader, BSc. Chiro, has been a practicing chiropractor for more than 24 years.
After graduating, Pamela moved to Italy, first to Rome and later in 1997 to Grosseto where she opened Tuscan chiropractic clinic. Very soon, she earned the trust of local medical doctors and specialists, with patients, often traveling many miles to be treated by them. Right now Pamela is one of the very few female chiropractors in the Emirates so the clinic can now offer this important service for those who prefer a female doctor, or who may not be able to go to a male doctor. Naturally, Pamela does treat both male and female patients.

Dr. Paul Cheung

National Chiropractic Sports Council Chair

National Chiropractic Sports Council UAE President

My name is Paul Cheung. I graduated in the UK and I have been in practise since 1990. As a sports chiropractor, I have dedicated most of my career working in sports and actively promoting the benefits of chiropractic to many sporting disciplines. The acknowledgement of chiropractic in sports, and the appreciation shown by many athletes simply validates chiropractic health care. It really makes a difference to the function and performance of the human body.

Dr. Ryan Davis


Ryan is a US-trained clinician that enjoys helping weekend warriors navigate the path from pain to performance. He has extensive experience in sports injuries, having served as the team clinician for multiple professional, semi-professional, and collegiate sports teams in the US.

As a certified Titleist Medical Professional, he helps golfer’s of all skill levels reach their maximum potential. He lectures at CrossFit boxes all over the US on functional movement assessment and optimisation, and has treated every level of CrossFit athlete from beginner to Games level athletes.

Dr. Salim Khamis


Dr. Salim Khamissa graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1984. He opened his first clinic in St. John’s, Newfoundland and after four years moved back to Ontario for twelve years. He then decided to move to Dubai and has enjoyed his clinic here and has now been joined by his daughter Azra Khamissa for the past five years.

Dr. Sharik Ali

Vice President

I’m Dr. Sharik Ali and I come from London in the UK and currently practising in Dubai

For 17 years now, I have been developing specific treatment methods for helping UAE residents overcome chronic back pain, neck pain, and spinal disc conditions, where in a very short amount of time, you could become pain free

Using a combination of manual spinal joint corrective treatment, and my very own specialized warm laser treatment, we are helping people every day become pain free, and enjoying life again. My treatment methods are 100% natural, which means I do not prescribe dangerous medication with side effects, and my aim is to hep you avoid surgery.

Dr. Tamara Ghazi

DHCC Committee, Chair

Dr.Ghazi is an Arab-Canadian Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. Spending her younger years in Abu Dhabi she became passionate about preventative care due to her involvement in sports and health awareness from a young age. Dr. Tamara Ghazi completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada, with a Bachelor of Sciences in Human Biology. She then went on to graduate from Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose California, which is recognized for its sports medicine and research programs

Dr. Timothy Jacobs


Tim qualified from the UK at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) having gained a Masters degree in Chiropractic and receiving an award for being the most promising Chiropractor amongst his peers. Tim has gone on to gain further qualifications in pregnancy and paediatrics Chiropractic, as he feels Chiropractic should be for the whole family.

Tim joined Pure in 2018 after spending nearly a decade working as a Chiropractor in the UK. At that time the clinic had been growing quickly, having developed such a successful reputation in Dubai as the ‘go to’ place if you’re in pain. Tim felt that Pure, with its extremely high standard of health care and excellent patient centered approach, was the perfect environment for him to help the people of Dubai from, and he loves being part of such a caring and dedicated team. Having a personal interest in sports and fitness Dr Timothy Jacobs has used Chiropractic to help world-class sprinters, the WWE wrestlers on their UK tours, and premiership football teams.

Dr. Tod Cahill


He is Board certified for the revolutionary Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic treatment. He graduated from the Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa, United States. He also holds a degree in General Science (BS) and Electrical Engineering (BS), also from the USA.

As an intern, he worked in clinical research, rehabilitation and as a clinical student instructor. Post-graduation Dr. Tod worked with the founder of Atlas Orthogonal (AO) technique Dr. Roy Sweat. This technique uses an advanced instrument utilizing a percussion wave technology for non-invasive treatment with no pain. In other words: “We don’t guess we use exact vectors and percussion force to deliver the precise realignment to the spine.” Other advanced instruments and training in Activator, VibraCussor, ArthroStim and Flexion Distraction are used in conjunction with AO.

Dr. Tod worked as an adjunct at Life University and Palmer Chiropractic College through the Sweat Institute instructing AO basic and advanced techniques. He has co-authored several books and continued working in research with the Sweat Institute.

Dr. Vanda Corbett

PAst President

Dr. Vanda Graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in the year 2004, from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa USA which was the first school of chiropractic in the world established in the year 1897 by Daniel David Palmer who is Founder of Chiropractic. Dr Vanda comes from a family of Chiropractors both her parents practiced in Canada. Dr. Vanda is the former President of the Emirates Chiropractic Association serving two terms from 2016-2019 and still remains on the board in a supporting role. In addition, she is a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, American National Board of Chiropractic, Member of Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors.

Dr. Wim Kes


The founder of Plato is Dr. Wim Kes who was awarded the ‘Best Chiropractor of The Netherlands (Europe)’ in 2013. The reason for this was that Dr. Kes was not only very good at getting the right diagnosis, he also achieved the most successful results with his specific treatment techniques. He was also awarded ‘The Flavio Grillo Price (Best Clinical Chiropractor Of The Year)’ in 2001 during his Final Academic Year in the UK. Amongst the many different reasons behind the success of his clinic, one that truly stands out is that they use the ‘Kes Method’, which is a manual treatment method, which Dr. Wim Kes developed more than 20 years ago, and is only used in the Plato Chiropractic Health Clinics.

Dr. Zak Merchoud


Dr. Zak graduated from the Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Honours Movement Science) degree where he was a member of the Men’s Track and Field Team. He went on to attend Life University Chiropractic College (LUCC) in Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia, USA. Zak graduated Cum Laude with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2004. While at LUCC, he also simultaneously completed a fellowship of the American College of Sport Medicine (FACSM).

As an athlete Dr. Zak naturally gravitated towards Chiropractic, which has helped him recover from a variety of sports injuries. Dr. Zak takes an evidence-based approach to Chiropractic care, with an emphasis on active care and patient education. Dr. Zak strives to facilitate the healing process in an effort to return individuals to normal activities or to get an athlete back to their sport as quickly as possible.

Dr. Zak also had the great opportunity to treat world-class athletes at various sporting events including Olympic Weightlifting, Jiu Jitsu and Triathlon. As well as political leaders and members of Royal families.

Dr. Zak actively enjoys the outdoors including hiking, running, and swimming. Dr. Zak lives and promotes a healthy lifestyle, which includes chiropractic care, daily exercise, healthy eating and positive thinking.

Dr. Zak is trained in several methods of adjusting techniques including; Diversified, Gonstead, Mechanical Pelvic Blocking, Activator (very gentle), Extremities, Drop Table, as well as physiotherapy modalities that include therapeutic exercise and mechanical traction to successfully correct spinal problems.

Dr. Zak has a love for providing pre and post pregnancy care and care to the entire family, including children.

‘’Chiropractor Dr. Zak Merchoud has a super affable personality and swift ability to analyze problems and outline necessary treatment and courses of action. Invaluable, Trusted and Highly Recommended!’’ Mandi Kingsbury

American Board Certified
Fellowship of American College of Sport Medicine (FACSM)
Global Advocacy for Physical Activity (GAPA)
International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH)
American Chiropractic Association (ICA)
National Chiropractic Sports Councils (NCSCs)
Emirates Chiropractic Association (ECA)