Dr. Mickael Malle


Born in Normandie, France, from the age of 19 until 26, Mickael devoted himself fully in the pursuit of professional cycling. He was a member of France National Road cycling team in the youth category and became a professional after obtaing his baccalaureate. Through this period of time he participated in international races around the world and was the champion in overall ranking of Madagascar and Mauritius tours.

As a professional cyclist, Mickael was particulary grateful for the support of his chiropractor throughout his practices and competitions. It spurred the interest and set him ambition towards being a chiropractor doctor. Thereafter, Mickael graduated from Franco European Institute of chiropractic (IFEC) in Paris.
Upon obtaining his diploma, he worked in France, in Vietnam (American Chiropractic Clinic) and Dubai serving athletes, children, adults and seniors.