Dr. Nageena Akhtar


Dr. Nageena Akhtar excelled in her education and graduated in 2006 with awards of
‘Best All-round Student’, along with the honorable ‘Students’ Student Award. She also
was selected for the role of Head Delegate for the World Congress of Chiropractic
Students (WCCS) where she represented the AECC in RMIT Melbourne, Australia. She
achieved her Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Proficiency, 2007.

Dr. Nageena has enjoyed providing chiropractic care to all ages, including babies and children. Her special interest being in neuro-developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders.

It was through her personal experiences with her firstborn son, being diagnosed as severely
autistic and non-verbal, and untimely deaths of her two babies in 2011 and 2016, to
neurometabolic disease, that she developed a deep passion for helping all children,
especially those with neurobehavioral, learning difficulties as well as neurodevelopmental

Dr. Nageena has successfully become certified in the Melillo Method TM and has helped her own
son and many other children. Nageena has rigorously and continues to study several topics
to aid her practice and care of patients.