Dr. Tod Cahill


He is Board certified for the revolutionary Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic treatment. He graduated from the Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa, United States. He also holds a degree in General Science (BS) and Electrical Engineering (BS), also from the USA.

As an intern, he worked in clinical research, rehabilitation and as a clinical student instructor. Post-graduation Dr. Tod worked with the founder of Atlas Orthogonal (AO) technique Dr. Roy Sweat. This technique uses an advanced instrument utilizing a percussion wave technology for non-invasive treatment with no pain. In other words: “We don’t guess we use exact vectors and percussion force to deliver the precise realignment to the spine.” Other advanced instruments and training in Activator, VibraCussor, ArthroStim and Flexion Distraction are used in conjunction with AO.

Dr. Tod worked as an adjunct at Life University and Palmer Chiropractic College through the Sweat Institute instructing AO basic and advanced techniques. He has co-authored several books and continued working in research with the Sweat Institute.